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Friday, January 23, 2009

what if....?

A thought: When a drunk-driver kills a mother and her unborn baby, the person can get 2 counts of murder or manslaughter. However, when it comes to abortion... that same unborn baby is not considered person??? Can the courts have it both ways? I just don't get it.


Craig said...

Where I live, the unborn have NO rights of any kind, thanks to the fact that all the leaders oppose any rights of any kind to them. (I almost always spoil ballots in major elections).

The Hendrickson's said...

Wow Sharon. What an awesome video you found. If only Obama could see that video himself. hmmm.....

Rachel said...

I agree, awesome video. As for your question about the Courts. The reason why they can have it both ways is that in the drunk driver scenario - the fetus must have a high probability of viability outside the womb. Whereas with abortion, the fetus does not have a high probability of viability outside the womb. Ergo, the abortionist cannot be held legally responsible for the taking of an innocent life.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. So many inconsistencies in our legal system. It drives me nuts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,
The real deal of this whole legal thing is called "having the devil's cake, and eating it too."

The doubleminded strategy behind this is always fueled by BIG money and that maintains destructive control and power over those who serve such a fallen taskmaster.

The encouraging fact Sharon in the misdt of these perverse times is that we as believers can and must continue defending the unborn who cannot speak and defend themselves, as the Lord directs. What we continue sow is what we will reap on their behalf. :)
Right to life,