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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Okay... so i'm still in shock after last night... but if you missed it, i've got a couple links you can visit!

To see my audition, visit:


To see me on E! News visit:


To see me & my family on the Jacksonville local news shortly after my audition... visit:


(be sure to watch the video over on the right-hand side!!)

here are a few more shots i snapped while watching last night...

Be sure to tune into Hollywood Week!!!! :)


Anonymous said...

the site listed and link listd didn't have the audition active.

It can be found here http://s79.photobucket.com/albums/j141/mjsbigblog/Jackson/?action=view&current=sharon.flv

I find it striking that the Paula and Kara "Girl kiss" that has gotten tons of play happened during your audition. May God give you peace and strength and look forward to what is ahead.


Dawn Blay-Smith said...

great job last night. I will be praying for you and I blogged about it so I am sure you will be getting prayers from all over. It was so great to see Joel and Nathan on TV last btw...

Dave Williams said...

Great job girlfriend! We love you!

Anonymous said...

This is really exciting! I'm so happy for you, make sure you keep us updated!!
How great would it be to have a Messianic Jewish American Idol?? -- that's you! Excellent audition!

yeshua2u2 said...

I have a question about the below comments from the interview link that you provided on this post:

25-year-old Sharon Wilbur lives in Jacksonville with her husband. She works for a humanitarian aid organization. And when she told her family that she was thinking of a career change, they were in full support.

You work for a humanitarian aid organization? On your Facebook and Myspace pages you have indicated that your father in law, Paul Wilbur, is your boss since you work in the offices at Wilbur Ministries. Looking at his website there is nothing regarding humanitarian aid efforts.

And you indicate that you went to your family about a career change? A career change to what since you tour and sing w/your father in law?