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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

inauguration day. 2009.

Today is the big day. Wow. I woke up with such mixed feelings this morning. Anyone who knows me, even in the slightest, knows that I'm quite a conservative... and a proud one. Since the election of Mr. Obama I have been careful to keep my mouth shut for the most part. Not because I am not feeling 94857349587349587 different emotions, but because now that he is in office I believe he deserves my utmost respect, and even more importantly - my prayers.

I came upon this article last night (thanks to a friend posting it) and it immediately caught my attention with this sentence:

"The incoming president is the man of the moment. He deserves good wishes and sincere prayers. But I’ve found myself thinking these last few days more about the man who has shouldered the burdens of office for the past eight years, George W. Bush."

So of course, I read on and was increasingly impressed by William Kristol's take on things. To read the full article, you can visit this link:


Here are a few excerpts that really struck me:

(Speaking of Bush)
"He has made mistakes as president... but he has exercised his just and rightful authority in a way — I believe — that deserves recognition and respect. It will probably be a while before he gets much of either."

"I couldn’t help but reflect that a distressingly small number of my fellow Jews seem to have given much thought at all to the fact that President Bush is one of the greatest friends the state of Israel — and, yes, the Jewish people — have had in quite a while. Bush stood with Israel when he had no political incentive to do so and received no political benefit from doing so. He was criticized by much of the world. He did it because he thought it the right thing to do."

"Many of Bush’s defenders have praised him for keeping the country safe since Sept. 11, 2001. He deserves that praise... But I don’t think keeping us safe has been Bush’s most impressive achievement. That was winning the war in Iraq, and in particular, his refusal to accept defeat when so many counseled him to do so in late 2006.... And the outcome in Iraq is a remarkable gift to the incoming president, who now only has to sustain success, rather than trying to deal with the consequences in the region and around the world of a humiliating withdrawal and a devastating defeat."

There's much more to this article, so please... take the time to read it. Mr. Kristol offers some wonderful perspective on a situation that really brings me such mixed feelings...

Our God and God of our ancestors: We ask your blessings for our country — for its government, for its leaders and advisers, and for all who exercise just and rightful authority.


Craig said...

Maybe one day you will be President? Anyway, has any President not stuck with Israel though?

sharon wilbur said...

Well I'm sure throughout history there have been.... I know that there are many in politics today who do not stand with Israel, and her right to defend herself. Hopefully those people will keep their voices far from Obama's ears... we'll see. If there comes a day our nation, as a whole, turns against Israel.... I will want to get out of here ASAP. "those who bless Israel will be blessed, those who curse Israel will be cursed." (Gen 12) ouch!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,

What a rich post! Kristol evaluates the politcal scene with balance and a depth of fairness that is a breath of fresh air.
I was particulary surprised and impressed by Kristol sharing his concern about the few Jewish Americans who were pro-Bush when it comes to his support for Israel. George W. Bush said summing up his uncompromising decisions that he made in office. that "... his soul was not for sale."
Bush ended of his reign on a such a note--- and he has left America to serously consider doing the same.Israel is the key to America's soul.
For my view of what Inaugural TUESDAY 2009 means for America, visit my site and be blessed.

God bless you! :)

Dawn Blay-Smith said...

that was great, thank you so much for sharing that. I woke up with pretty crazy feelings towards him yesterday, so thank you for posting this.

Judah Himango said...


Yes. In terms of Israel and the Jewish people, Jimmy Carter was perhaps the most disasterous. Sadly, he remains so to this day.


Let's hope Obama is indeed a friend of Jews and an ally of Israel. During the campaign, he said Jerusalem must remain the undivided capital of Israel.

What a wonderful stand!

Did he mean it, or was he just saying nice things because he was speaking to the pro-Israel lobby?

We will see.

Sharon, you're right on about praying for this government, as well as praying for Israel itself. We will pray that Obama will be a friend of Israel.

Like your dad's old song goes,

Pray for Jerusalem
That there'll be peace again
The Lord will prosper them
Prosper them that love her