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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i'm over hereeeeeee!

Hey guys!!!

So I have DEFINITELY been neglecting my blog for many reasons, but mostly because things are so crazy/hectic that I don't have time to write write write. For now... you can ALWAYS find me on twitter:


and, as always



michelle gold said...

Hey Sharon!

Michelle Gold here. Saw that your Dad is going to Israel with Paul and the trip looks so exciting from the looks of the video.

I am imagining you might be busy preparing for the trip as well.

thinking of you,
Michelle Gold

Music: often described as "Celine and Mariah meet Jesus in Jerusalem."
Vision: Spreading a contagious passion for proclaiming the good news of Y'shua to Jews and gentiles worldwide

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Unknown said...


Just trying to insure that Sharon sees this, please?
As I posted on your facebook page...
If you have the chance and interest I would like to have you contact my youngest son living in Jax. His facebook profile is @ http://www.facebook.com/MMA.Animal

. Be warned he is a MMA fighter and not living for YHVH (G_D) but he does have a CHRISTian upbringing. If you want more info, especially contact info come to our website at http://www.treeoflifeinc.org

and contact me through the contact page.

I am merely looking for someone to reach to him with the love of CHRIST in an attempt to get him to recommit his life to serving YHVH. If you have the time and interest, please reach to him?

Thank you!
Visit The Tree @ http://www.treeoflifeinc.org
Where all of YHVH's Sons are Jews!

Rabbi & Pastor Eric Aschendorf
Tree of Life Ministries Association
Association of Completed Jews
119 N. Walnut
Fairmount, IN 46928-1758

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