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Monday, February 9, 2009


Okay, so i leave tomorrow morning {eeeeeeeeearly} for my most favorite place in the US: Orange County California!

I am SO excited! I haven't been out west since my wonderful American Idol experience, so I'm really looking forward to spending some time there. Not to mention I'll be hanging out with some friends that I haven't seen in far too long... so yeah - the next week may be a bit quiet in sharon wilbur blog land... i'm warning you ahead of time! :)

aaaaaaaaand if you live in the orange county area, Irvine to be exact, then you should DEFINITELY come out to the concert I'll be participating in. Friday (2/13 at 7:15pm) & Sunday (2/15, 6:30pm), @ the Hyatt Regency on Jamboree Rd. In Irvine. I'll be there with my father in law, Paul Wilbur, and will be showcasing some of my EP songs, along with possibly some *brand new ones*!!!!! So I hope to see you there! For more information visit:


Alrighty, have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon!

It's so-o-o-o good to hear you will be singing in beautiful CA for the Lord and ministering to the righteous!
Just think of how many people throughout the worship and praise services who are going to receive life changing ministry? and even salvation!?

Just think of the "anointed" song(s) you are called , anointed and appointed to sing for such a time as this!-- that will spark a calling,open doors of peace, give a confirmation or lift depression in someone who has been praying earnestly for answers?

In this hour it time that believers joyfully explode at the thought of being focused in the center of God's will-- solidly gathered in it-- and not "scattered" outside it."

Ministering in the high calling to/in Israel and in the Kingdom of God takes 1000% of ALL we've been given!!

Just keep thinking of the Eph 3:20 things of God that are coming!

Do you presently have an "anointed excitement" right now that is surpassing all understanding?-- :)[instead of having attacks of awful tormenting state of nerves and a lack of peace that awaits those serving the world! :(]

B'seder!!! :)

How "privledged" YOU are to be in CA and kept in the center of His Will-- FOR HIS PURPOSE!
"May the Kingdom of God increase in you walking with more revelation of Kingdom Righteousness, joy , and peace in the Ruach WITHIN YOU! (Romans 4:17)" in Yeshua's Name Amen."

-Shirah http://www.shmoozenwithshirah.blogspot.com

Marcella said...

We almost went to the concert...we live in Irvine...but, it totally didn't work out. I'm sad we missed it, I'm sure it was wonderful. We were there last year, so we kinda knew what we were missing. boo. :o)