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Monday, October 27, 2008

a broken heart, a broken nation

For the first time, my heart is truly broken for our great nation.

This upcoming election has me feeling so many things:

Are we one nation under God - or are we one nation ignoring God?

Since Roe v. Wade came into effect 50 MILLION lives were not even given the chance...

It's easy to see that our country has come to a very important point in time. Things are failing, our way of doing things isn't getting us anywhere. It makes me wonder... we have taken God out of schools, we have degraded the sanctity of human life, we have walked so far away from the foundations that this country was built on... and now we find ourselves in a bit of a "rut"... I wonder why?

It is evident that this country was FOUNDED on certain laws. It's purpose was to indeed be ONE NATION UNDER GOD. No, that does not mean we should force God on those around us who may think otherwise... but it does mean that the laws that govern this wonderful country were set up to be in accordance with God and His way of doing things. We were not merely created to roam about Earth completely lawless... with no outline of how we are to live. We were created in an order. There is a right and wrong, and our culture has tried to desensatize us to this. It's TIME that we turn that around!

There are so many areas I'd love to really focus on with regards to these issues... but today I want to look at perhaps the most primary issue: life. There are many injustices in America, much prejudice, we can not ignore this. We have to speak out about it! But primarily we need to return to the foundation of God's order and fix things from the bottom up. It's time to mend the cracks that we were built upon.

Psalm 11:3
When the foundations are being destroyed, what can righteousness do?

What was the first thing God did after creating this gorgeous world that we live in? He created life. The preservation of life needs to be of uttermost importance to us. It's not a matter of choice.... there shouldn't even be a choice to make! Life is life. We are not to give and take it. We are not God. God uses us as vehicles, Man and Woman together, to create life. By upholding laws that allow abortion to take place, we are feeding the animal of self indulgence that runs rampant in America today. 43% of women have an abortion by age 45.... 43%!!!!!! And 93% of all abortions are due to "social reasons" (i.e. the child is unwanted or inconvenient). THIS is a great tragedy. Can you Imagine how many lives that adds up to be?!?!?! By allowing this to take place, we are turning our back on God's way of doing things, and we are in essence declaring ourselves as "god" and taking the issue of life into our own hands.

As a follower of Yeshua(Jesus), it's my responsibility is to stand up for Biblical righteousness. Political preference must be second to Gods call for us to be one nation under Him. -God must be first. And His ways must be first. No there is not a perfect candidate on that ballot. No there is not a perfect political party - by ANY MEANS... but there is a candidate that seeks to uphold some of these foundational issues that America was built on... and that candidate is without a doubt, John McCain.


Watch this:


Rachel said...


Elisheva said...
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The DeBolt Family said...

Sharon, your passion has spurred me on to research this because I really do have a passion for this particular area, i.e. pro life. Please continue to speak out because this information was new to me and will be new to lots more people I am sure. The more we are educated, the better we can help shape this government with our vote. In other words, YOU GO GIRL!

PrUZZM said...
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PrUZZM said...

I'm glad you are using the platform
you have to speak out.

A myth has been perpetuated
that somehow 'young' evangelicals
are less likely to support the more
Godly candidate because 'other'
issues are now more important to them.

Really? Abortion stopped being
important to God? And only
'young' evangelicals got the memo?


The mainstream media has become
SUCH a propaganda outlet for
anti-Christian forces it's virtually
useless now as a legitimate source
of information.

Thanks again for speaking up.

I write a daily blog that's
pretty entertaining about politics
(which is a passion of mine) from
a decidedly Jewish-Christian
perspective. Well, in the sense
that I'm a Jewish believer and it's
from MY perspective. haha

Hope you'll check it out...


Erica Cole-Arevalo said...

Hey Sharon. I first heard you sing at a church in JAX a few yrs ago. I fell in love with your music and you. You are such an awesome woman of God. Thanks for your obedience!

About the subject of politcs/prolife/etc:

My heart is so aware and alert for the end times in this generation. I have personally had a relationship with Jesus Christ since 2001. Before I became a Christian, I had an abortion, lived as a lesbian and had a very open-minded view on religion to say the least. But God came in the flesh and saved me in His timing and in my submission. Through His grace I have lived through the torture of the enemy when I was in the world, to tell my story.
Abortion is murder, that is a fact. But God always has an alternative. We have just become a selfish Nation. We want whatever we want, exactly when we want it, We are all guilty of this. We don't care who we hurt or kill to have what we want.
It is hard to admit when your wrong or self centered, you stand on the side of evil, convincing yourself your on the right "side"....that was totally me, but God had other plans!!! AMEN!!
If this nation could only see that God's plan is fulfilling, truly satisfying...and the only way to peace!
I pray God's will over this nation, over our next president...whoever wins.
I am 100% for John McCain and support with all my heart, Sarah Palin. I pray that we(christians) and appointed leaders will walk in front and lead this country to humble their selves before they are lead to their own demise.

Thanks for making your voice heard...Sharon. It is much needed. WE ALL NEED TO SPEAK.


sharon wilbur said...

thanks so much for your responses! it's encouraging to know that not all of our generation is closing their eyes and hearts to this stuff! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Sharon!

What a Shinning blog to and on our Nation!

Could it be that the "crushing strategy" that won our Purim Victory for Hadassah, bears repeating with the few days we have left before such an Election as this? What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Messianic News about Sarah Palin!
In February,2007, Adam Brickley gave himself a mission: he began searching for a running mate for McCain....Brickely's family, once evangelical Christians, now practice.."Messianic Judaism".They believe that Jesus is the Messiah, but they also observe the Jewish holidays and attend synagogue; as Brickely puts it, Jesus was Jewish, so to be like Him you need to be Jewish,too." Brickely said that "the hand of God" played a role in choosing Palin: The longer I worked on it the less I felt I was driving it. Something else was at work."...
---The New Yorker, October 27, 2008

shari said...

pray for this world its lost and broken and needs the love of yeshua. sharon mary yourbsister in the lord