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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

19 questions:

what will be my legacy?
what do others see when they look at me?
what is my true destiny?
what are my innermost desires?
what is my passion?
what is it driven by?
what kind of songs should i be singing?
what kind of music do i write?
where do i draw my inspiration from?
who am i?
what characterizes me?
am i pleasing God?
am i seeking after His best?
am i being selfish?
am i acting out of fear?
am i acting out of comfort?
how do i know if i am making the right decision?
which door should i walk through?
what's the bottom line?

...bottom line is...
i want to be someone who says "YES!" to God

- no matter what.
- no matter where it takes me.
- no matter how i feel about the decision.
- no matter how it makes me look.

my answer to God's call must always be "YES!"

1 comment:

Judah Himango said...

Hey Sharon,

I read you're going to be on American Idol.

Well first, congratulations.

You know, people are gonna put you under every scrutiny, people are going to mock you for your beliefs, even though they don't know you or really understand what you believe. I hope you stand strong through all that. I don't envy that position.

I hope it works out for you, and more importantly, that you bring glory to God through it.