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Monday, August 25, 2008

a SERIOUS blessing...

Okay... so... those of you who have been with me a while may have heard my excitement over a guitar that was being made for me.... a gentleman by the name of Dennis Kwasnycia (www.kwasnyciaguitars.com) allowed me to handpick all of the materials and basically design a guitar perfectly suited for me... His are unlike any i've ever seen and it's obvious when you take a look at them... I even requested a little Hebrew thrown into the design and he was able to accomplish it beautifully!

Here are a few shots my husband took just after we received it today....

a full length:

And a couple close ups on the front detail:

If you're wondering what the Hebrew stands for, it can be translated as "Shaddai" which is one of the many names for God. Now... in the Hebrew language you'll often find many meanings for one word - many different ways to translate just one phrase - and even some meaning hidden in the root of each word. "Shaddai" is an example of this. One of my favorite translations is simply "Almighty"... Another that really strikes a chord with my heart is "Guardian of the Doors of Israel". It's my desire to really posses the keys that open the doors to Israel, to the hearts of God's people... And to the hearts of the nations all around us. I believe that music is a HUGE aspect of this. It can reach people in ways that nothing else can, and my prayer for the future is that the Lord really uses me in a mighty way to impact not only those around me, but the world around me. I know i'm setting my goals a bit high - but hey... i serve an Almighty God! :)


Judah Himango said...

Wow. What a blessing! Absolutely beautiful guitar, Sharon.

Elisheva said...
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