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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

what i have learned from John McCain

alright, well i started out this blog by drawing up two lists... what i have learned from obama's campaign and what i have learned from John McCain's campaign. As you can imagine those lists are in STARK contrast to one another. I've decided to not post my thoughts on obama for a few reasons... but primarily because I want draw on the positive here, and focus on how we can work in the future to follow the incredible model that John McCain has laid out for us. Now... the obama list does exist, so just let me know if you're interested in viewing it... and i'll send it to ya! :)

There is much to be learned from John McCain. He has proven to be a man of great integrity among many other things:

He is an example of unwavering standards
He is an example of a straight talker - one who doesn't see the need to dance around issues
He is an example of one's actions matching their words
He is an example of what it means to fight for America
He is an example of what it means to uphold the morals that this nation was built upon
He is an example of strong character
He is an example of a truly remarkable man
He is an example of HUMILITY
He is an example of what it looks like to have a servants heart
He is an example of what it means to be AMERICAN.

Although he did not win, I'm honored to have supported him throughout this entire election...

Thank you John McCain for the example you have proven to be. Americans are sure going to need it in these coming years.


Erin Maroni said...

Sharon, Thank you for that...and what is even more amazing is that God has his hand in it..and we can pray like never before!

ana said...

You should be proud to have supported him, out of your list of things what I like the most is how he is an example of a remarkable man, demonstrated by such a moving speech last night. Don't worry about it, the thing that I like the most about McCain is his ability to reach across party lines, so he will definitely be on the political picture. With the help of God this beautiful country would be once again that Nation on top of the Hill.

Erin Maroni said...

Ana is right, with God we will be the Nation we were founded on once again.

JennyB said...

Great list Sharon. I loved how vocal you were on Facebook about who you were supporting. Last night's results were so hard to watch, i had to turn it off.

sharon wilbur said...

yeah me too. i turned it off and went to bed crying... i didn't think i would be so emotional... but i was overwhelmed with such a deep sadness for our country. what are we getting ourselves into?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Be of Good cheer! You and all the other "True Patriots" who have made great comments have made it!

Please go to my article concerning this--A Good Word in Season

Erica Cole-Arevalo said...

I was heart broken, and honestly a little scared. I want this nation to be a Godly nation, I don't want the Christ living percentage to be less than half...but we know that not everyone will choose their maker. It is feeling a little like crunch time....I am broken hearted for Sarah Palin also, she has such a sweet spirit, we haven't seen the last of her. I do believe that God has a plan for this presidency...and many of us will see suffering. But I believe that we are all at the hands of God...He loves us first, we decide what we will do with that love, that Grace. I pray for Israel...I pray that she is safe. I pray that the US never turns its back of her.
Sharon- can you send me your notes on the Obama list..my email is emclmt@gmail.com
Thanks girl!

:) said...

He had unwavering standards... until he started attacking Obama in negative ads and keeping with the conservative Republican party line

Our nation was built upon life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It was built on the ability to question government and change it if it was unsuitable or unfair. It was founded on an idea of progress and participation in government. Obama represents this more than McCain.
Our founders specifically wanted to keep religion out of government. This is why the 1st Amendment provides for the freedom of religion, not a government infused with religion.